$6,000 dollars was a high goal, but we knew it what was needed to really get Elkbar off the ground. To put fuel in his rocketpack, if you will. It’s just that Kickstarter is an “all or none” crowd funding site; if we didn’t reach our goal we’d get nothing.

Taylor Mosbey‘s story was good, the artwork was fantawesomical, and comparatively the kickstarter video and rewards weren’t too shabby either. (Check out the campaign here.)

We had postcards, pins, poems, pre-orders of the paperback, pdfs, Chris Fason‘s artwork, special thanks, and penguin naming to list a few.

Sixty days. Two months. Eight weeks. 1,440 hours. However it was sliced, we had this in the bag.

The slogan “Support the Penguin” started to catch on and along with “Elkbar’s 5-5-5 Plan” and although the word was getting out pledging was in demand.

We made it to the 25% mark pretty quick,  but we stayed there.

After the first burst of family and friends donated things really died down. It was disheartening to say the least. Only eking up little by little. January 11th we were at 25% funded. 41 long days go by. February 20 arrives and we only went up to 35% funded. 39 days and we only went up 10%.

35% funded and less than 2 weeks to go. 288 hours. It just didn’t look like it was happening. People weren’t interested. Mosbey was about to pull the plug. He’d experienced a Kickstarter failure before and just didn’t know if he wanted to ride out a dead horse. Off and on he’d been working on this project for nearly 10 years, and now with a failing campaign it looked like it would be another 10.

But something happened. A wonderfully splendid something happened. Fason had miraculously “lucked” into doing some work for the band Five Iron Frenzy who they themselves just finished a very successful Kickstarter Campaign.  They kinda mentioned Elkbar early on, but now they really started promoting Elkbar!

“We mentioned Chris Fason’s Elkbar project a while back, but thought we’d mention it one more time. Go check it out. He does great work…” –Five Iron Frenzy Facebook Feb. 21st, 2012

Overnight we’d jumped up 5%. By the 25th we were at 51%!

We were starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was far off and looked like a pin hole in a very closed tightly drawn curtain. But it was there. We had just barely passed the halfway point and we had 7 days to go! At that point I don’t even think we were cautiously optimistic. I think we were mostly just glad we were going to go out trying, and that people were wanting this to happen.

On Feb. 28th Brad, FIF’s trumpet player wrote this on Facebook

“I just made my first Kickstarter Pledge, I backed our friend’s Kickstarter Project. He has helped Five Iron Frenzy a lot with his artwork. You may have seen the artwork for “It was a Dark and Story Night”….that’s him. Chris Fason
PLEASE help him fund his project. Even $1 would help.”  -BRAD-

More people started pledging, and people that pledged early on began to up their pledges. February 28 we were at 74% and the 29th we were at 86%! 

Now we were optimistic! We could make it in three days, couldn’t we? It was gonna happen, right? You’d think that, wouldn’t you? But that’s not what happened. Because by the end of the next day, out of the blue, someone with a huge heart for kids sent us over the top.

We were speechless, grateful, and stunned.

But we weren’t quite done yet. We had 2 days left, and if people, even just a few, decided they didn’t want to pledge or they wanted to lower their pledge amount we could dip below $6,000 and still not reach our goal.

Tick-Tock went the clock. On March 2nd  someone canceled. Was this the snowball that would start the avalanche? Well, we kept getting a few more pledges in. And….

March 3rd.

You guessed it. We did it. And we owe a big thanks to the backers.

To the 136 of you that made this happen, Thank you.

Okay, we realize some of you didn’t know about the Elkbar’s Kickstarter Campaign, and you’re thinking to yourself, “I would have loved to contribute.” Well, the good news is you still can. Pre-orders will be happening soon, and you can always spread the word. “Support the Penguin.”

Launched: Jan. 03, 2012
Funding ended: Mar. 03, 2012
Backers: 136
Pledged of $6,000 goal: $6,181