The Author

This is Taylor. But this isn’t his real hair.

Taylor Mosbey loves telling stories.

He has for a long time. If it was going on an adventure with his stuffed bear, Bubba, or if it was playing in a refrigerator cardboard box sewer he made for his Ninja Turtles he was making up stories.  And he hasn’t stopped.

It was early 2003 when he wrote the story of Elkbar, but between then and now he’s kept himself busy.

In 2005 Meander, a novella about the interconnectedness of lives, death, love, and hate, was published under T.C. Mosbey.

Later a short collections of poems called Words was released also under T.C. Mosbey. More than a few poems dating back to the mid and late 1990’s dealing with his over 2.5 year bout with leukemia and chemotherapy.

  Mosbey has also written an directed the acclaimed short film The Dinner Guest. Chris Fason wrote and illustrated a companion comic book to go along with the DVD.

 When he is not writing, acting, directing, being a ninja, doing graphic design, or sleeping he enjoys hanging out with his wife and son. But he’s probably sleeping.

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