Creating Elkbar

The exact origins are unknown, but around ’02-03 in Sand City, CA a plaster mold of a penguin was purchased and given to Taylor Mosbey. And he gave him a  name: Elkbar. Soon a story was written about him; he was extraordinary with 3 cool gadgets, but none of the other penguins liked him, so he goes on a journey to find the wise moose Fargo Roberts…and Mosbey attempted to start the artwork himself. Failure.

Finding an Artist

In Monterey an artist was found in Mike “Dabo” Lopez. His wonderful graffiti style gave Elkbar a somber swagger and thoughtful tone. But Dabo had to move on to other projects and Mosbey got married and moved to Georgia. The state, not the country.

The plaster Elkbar ended up on the mantle.

But when Brave Saint Saturn released their 3rd album Mosbey  met Chris Fason on the band’s forum. Besides being super talented Fason was just an all around swell guy. I sent him the story, and he agreed to work on it, being paid only when it sold.

Well…he wanted to feed his family and pay bills. Can you believe that? So he had to take on other projects and real work. But he and Mosbey remained good friends and  hoped to work together on other things.

Then Kickstarter arrives… Mosbey becomes familiar with it.  And Fason gets a second wind.


On March 3rd, 2012 136 backers made it happen. The goal of $6,000 that would get Elkbar off the ground was surpassed! So here we are. Making this story of Elkbar into a real book.

After the book is printed more work will go into finding a bigger publisher and/or distributor so we can get Elkbar on children’s bookshelf. This is gonna be fun!