The Story

Elkbar is an extraordinary penguin. He had a twin turbo rocket pack. He had a thermonuclear refrigerator ray. He also had a digital watch. He is also a pretty nice dude.

But all the other penguins don’t like him. Jealousy.

So Elkbar decides that he is going to see the old wise moose of the far east, Fargo Roberts, at the top of Really Big Mountain. (Which is Really Big and has tons of steps.)

After a little chat Fargo convinces Elkbar to pick up a bottle of his patented “Become My Friend Because You Have No Reason Not To” potion. Elkbar got the last bottle. Whew!

So with the bottle in flipper Elkbar was back on his way to Penguintonia.

WHEN all of the sudden he was attacked by Big Zombie Japanese Beetles from Denmark! And although he escaped he dropped the bottle into the ocean. Nuts.


And he didn’t have enough gas in his jetpack to make it back to Fargo. Double Nuts! And if even if he did he had already bought the last bottle. Triple Nuts!

So Elkbar sadly flies back home.

BUT something is amiss! All the penguins are being round up by Bob the Robo-Lyon so they can be his penguin slaves! And do his laundry. And get him ice for his sweet tea.

Elkbar thinks quickly and has a face off with Bob. The battle is intense and the fireballs are scorchers, but Elkbar uses his Thermonuclear Refrigerator Ray and defeats the evil robot, but not before its sinister operator makes his escape!

Elkbar not only beat the Robo-Lyon, but also beat any resentment he could have had towards the other penguins. And feeling ashamed they all ask for his forgiveness which he grants. Because he is a pretty cool dude.

Things are cool in Penguintonia, but the end of this tale is just the beginning of Elkbar’s.